Im going to start this off like an AA meeting, because if you are a watch collector like me then you understand what the addiction is like of finding the “next one”.

Hello, my name is Nathan and I am a watch collector, hacker and tinkerer.  I wanted to have a place on the internet where I could share the things I have learned and found along the way as well as a way to log these for future reference.   I have been collecting watches for some years now and have learned so much and at the same time forgotten so much.  I will try to document these types of thins here which I hope others will find helpful or interesting.

My philosophy about collecting watches is  not so much the value of the watch (but believe me I would love to be one of those guys that have a huge Rolex or Omega speedmaster collection) but thats not me, im hanging around the lower end of affordable vintage generally $2000 or less watches such as Omega, Heuer, Bulova, Seiko etc.. and mostly dealing in the 40’s to the 70’s  you wont often see me talking about pocket watches.  I consider myself a poor mans watch collector (vs the guys out there spending 5-10+ thousand on a single purchase… I wish I could do that but at the end of the day I might no be happy with just a small collection of high end watches that would get me.

So anyhow getting back to my philosophy on watch collecting,  I collect the things I like at the time and watches that are unique and hard to find (but that also might not mean they are expensive either).  Time pieces that have interesting history, that are complicated function.  For example my stint in 1970’s Seiko and Citizen digital watches has gained me a huge knowledge and appreciation for that era of time development.  A lot of innovation and to simply put it cut throat madness within the market that seen during the 60’s and 70’s a majority of the watch companies go out of business.

To me a hard to find watch and I think most would agree can be or is a limited run of watches, a company that was around and is now gone that has created a unique or good looking timepiece in the past etc… For and example I came by a watch called a Valora, it had a bright Orange sunburst faded dial with Rally markings and a Roulette Bezel, the movement was a standard EB8800 but no matter how hard I looked on the internet and forums this watch did not exist.  To me that would be a watch I want to collect, something that you may never see again in your life as a watch collector even though it has nominal value.

My posts and writing are generally not in depth or long stories but I do want to provide the information that I have found and researched in an effective and efficient way.  I like getting to the point and provide point form bullets so you can then later when speaking about the same thing can just list off highlights and hopefully sound smart about it.

You will find me on the watchuseek forums asking and answering random questions and you will also see me hocking my goods on ebay under the seller name: coolbluevintage . Overall dont expect stellar writing on this blog or even perfect writing or grammar, I write how I speak so sometimes it comes off a little small town or western tone.

PS: You may find me posting about other random stuff on here to such as Toys,  Yard sale find, Swap Meet finds etc…


Valora Swiss Watch
Valora Swiss Watch