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Vintage Unique Amico Watch Divers Style

Vintage Unique Amico Watch Divers Style
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I recently came by these watches on Ebay and unfortunately I didnt win them in bid… must have fell asleep or not set the sniper app to win it.  Anyhow these are some really unique looking watches there where 2 of them in a “repair lot” the dails and case looked in really good condition, dont know about the movements but I assume its going to be a common lower end swiss mechanical movement.

There was so much going on with these watches that made them unique, first example is the light blue dial with green markers it has a seconds markings on the dial as well as an inside bezel.  The case was cross cut in a standard case for this type of watch.  What really brought me onto these watches was the case back,  it was stamped with a large squid or some sort of sea monster that I have never seen before.  Both the black and blue versions of the watch where the same.

Alas this is probably one of those watches where you will see it this one time and never again, if anyone out there has this watch (prefer the blue one) send me a note through the contact us page and let me know what you want for it!

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment (they are from the ebay posting)