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Valora Swiss Vintage Watch with Roulette Bezel and Orange Dial

Valora Swiss Vintage Watch with Roulette Bezel and Orange Dial
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Here is a nice watch I picked up on Ebay.  There was a seller with a few of these he listed over the months some working and some not.  I was lucky enough to win this on a bid.  The watch itself looks NOS complete with what looks like the original band and the tag.  I dated it back to to early 70’s however im not 100% sure since I cannot find any information on the watch company called Valora which leads me to believe it was just another one of those companies from the 70’s that made a couple watches and wend under with the rest of them.

The watch itself is quite unique in that the Dial is a faded light orange in the center to darker orange/black with bright white markers and hands.  The bezel on this watch is what makes it really unique, its printed as a roulette wheel style bezel.  Although this watch is made to look like a diver it probably wouldnt stand a second under water as there are no proper seals and the watch basically comes apart easily unto 4 pieces (see pictures below).  The movement in this watch is a standard EB8800 … these things are in EVERYTHING for that era almost all the low cost “dive watches” or dive looking watches that wanted to be marked “Swiss” had these movements in it, they are good work horses but very common.

Overall this is a really good find and just looking at that watch is mezmorizing.

  • Probably from the late 60’s to Early 70’s
  • EB 8800 standard swiss movement
  • 3 piece cushion case
  • 2 piece stem
  • Tropic style band (its looks like a tropic but the quiality is sub par)