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Timetone Rainbow Wheel Seconds Vintage Watch

Timetone Rainbow Wheel Seconds Vintage Watch
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Here is a unique watch called a Timetone, it has a color wheel for the seconds counter that spins around in different colors as the seconds go by as well as a faceted tri-cut crystal.  I believe this was produced in the 1980’s when mechanical movements where cheap and HongKong companies where pumping out watches in the millions.  the movement in this watch seems to be a Russian Bostok/Vostok 2209 manual wind movement and the case is stamped Timetone Hong Kong.

Not to much is known of this watch or its origins however Timetone was around for several years and made low end watches at that time.  You can tell the quality of this watch by how it was put together,  the watch band is only adjustable at the buckle and even at its smallest setting it is 7.7″ big (to big to fit on my wrist).  the movement although looks like a standard Swiss movement at that time was a Russian Bostok 2209 (its not stamped 2209 but does have the Bostok symbol under the balance wheel).   The 2209 was an older movement and I believe was the first movement they used in the Amphibian watches, these where produced in the millions (and millions).

  • Timetone Watch company circa 1970’s to 1980’s
  • Color wheel seconds timer
  • Faceted watch crystal
  • Hong Manufacturer
  • Russian Vostok 2209 manual wind movement
  • Plated steel case
  • Adjustable band (links do not come out)