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Orient AAA Deluxe YoungMate Swimmer 19 Jewel Watch

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Here is a Orient AAA Deluxe YoungMate Swimmer 19 Jewel Watch with a very unique inside bezel, almost looks like a car wheel.  It has a 19 jewel automatic movement and is probably from the 1970’s but I was not able to decipher the date from any of the markings.  Research on this watch has turned up very little as the only reference to this model I can find is on a japanese page that really had no information at all other then a couple of pictures.  I find that many of the Orients from those days have very little information and must have been a very limited run or only for the Japanese domestic market as I have seen very few of them for sale (there are lines such as Racer and Swimmer).

  • Orient AAA Deluxe “Young Mate”
  • 19 Jewel 4931 automatic movement
  • Stainless steel case
  • Quick Set date
  • Circa 1970’s or late 60’s
  • Have only seen 2 examples of this watch ever


So here is a little on Orient watches that gave me a whole new appreciation of that watch.  In the past I had always though of orient watches as an even lower budget watch then a citizen but after a friend of mine passed on this article about Orient watches it gave me a whole new appreciation of this watch brand and I have been keeping an eye out for it ever since.  Take it there are some model that are/where mass produced and will never be a collectible item but there are the ones that are unique and well built enough to belong in any collection.

The Orient movements have been known to be work horses, very efficiently built movements they didnt add anything that wasnt needed.  The watch shown in the article doesnt look like it has been serviced since it was born (no watchmakers markings on the case) and it still works and keeps time!  im wondering how many more years it has to go until it actually needs a service as it has already been probably 45+ years.

  • The only Japanese watch to actually be completely produced and built in Japan
  • Built movements based on efficiency
  • Movements are all put together by hand
  • Movements produced by Orient are ONLY for orient watches (Unlike other companies that sell their movements to others to use)