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4 Really Cool Watches on Kickstarter To Buy

4 Really Cool Watches on Kickstarter To Buy
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I was talking to a friend today and found out he has been really into funding watches in kickstarter so I decided to take a look at some of the startups that where there.  To my surprise there where many really cool and limited run watches, some of which I would definitely love to have in my own collection.  Here is my list of watches out of probably a hundred or so that I looked at (yeah that’s a lot of kickstarter watches.. who ever believed that the cell phone would be the end to wristwatches?):

The Moon Walker

This is probably one of the coolest watches I have seen in a while.  everything about it is awesome from the curved hands to the protruding raised luminescent moon dial and first man on the moon exhibition back.  A lot of design work looks to have gone into this watch and if I had the cash to spend this would be the one I would buy.  I cant wait to see the first reviews come out!

4th Dimension Watch

Something cool and unique, the dial is made of Concrete materials in a raised dial configuration.  A lot of design consideration has gone into this watch especially with the hands configuration take a close look at the pictures to see the hands bent at a 90 degree angle.  What would make this cooler? if it where a jump hour type of configuration where the steps actually moved based on the hour and a single hand for the minutes and one for the seconds.

The Evergraph

Just a really cool looking watch with a jump hour dial and exhibition front and back.  This is something that looks very stylish and sleek but brings back that old school jump hour flavor.


Some of the runner up’s I thought where also really great: