Watch Storage What Temperature and Humidity to Store Your Watches?

Watch Storage What Temperature and Humidity to Store Your Watches?
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Living on the west coast I have always wondered about the ocean sea air and the humidity and how it affects my vintage collections and now that I have a few decent watches that I would like to preserve I thought I would ask around if anyone knew what the ideal temperature and humidity was to store watches.  to my surprise not even the major watch forums where able to produce an answer to this question!  So after a lot of research (and really no definitive answer) I have come up with what I think is ideal.

Taken into consideration that a lot of sites including the official Christies Auction House states on their site that Humidity and temperature should be considered when storing watches no one has ever said what that temperature or humidity is supposed to be.  There are numerous other articles out there in the top 10 and 20 of the google search that also state the same thing but all have generalized answers which doesn’t help much especially when your looking for someone to actually give you a number.

So here is what I did to compile my information since no one site had any specific information for watch storage (but again all agreed on the same storage principals).  I started researching how to store other types of vintage items like art, vinyl, electronics and metals to come up with a educated guesstimate of a number (this is not a professional opinion so please use this information as your own discretion).

So here is the number I came up with:

Temperature: around Room 18-21 degrees Celsius

Humidity: 45-50%


So how do you get the humidity to stay at 45-50%? depending on if you are above or below that you can use a small humidifier like what they use for cigar storage and if there is to much moisture you can use the moisture packs that come with some foods to keep them dry, you can also buy them at some dollar stores (Or a Daiso Japanese dollar store if you are lucky enough to have one in your city)



Art: 16-24 degrees C and 45-60% Humidity

Vinyl: 16-21 degrees C and 45-60% Humidity

Metals: 1-24 degrees C and 45-60% Humidity



Climate Controlled Storage (I got a lot of info from here)

Antique Furniture Storage

Washington Watch Group (But honestly this article was so generalized i’m amazed they posted it)

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