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Vintage Juggler Video Game Watch

Vintage Juggler Video Game Watch
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I had a watch collector friend some years ago show me this juggler watch and I have been trying to buy it from him ever since.  I grew up in the 80’s when game watches and robot watches where all the rage, if you had one you where part of the cool kids group.  Those where the common game watches like Mario, the hand held game & Watch series, the Casio game watches and of course the Nelsonic and other re-brands of the Space Attacker.

So this one was very unique it took me almost 3 years to get it from him but its probably the coolest and to me the rarest game watch I own now (since this is the only one I have seen since the first time he showed me).  The case is very thin about 3mm and gold tone, it has sound and play buttons.

The premise of this game is very similar to the Nintendo hand held game called Ball the game originally came out in the 80’s but then Nintendo re-released it for a promo in the 2000’s.  Anyhow the game basically situates around a juggler where you need to move his hands to juggle the ball that goes in different areas of the screen, there are three hand move positions on each side making for 6 possible movements as shown on the first boot screen.  The sound on this game is a standard beeping sound.

The brand on this watch I do not know,  I have tried to look up that symbol but have gotten no where with it.  I believe this is one of those watches made in Hong Kong in the 80’s in a small run and then disappeared soon after.

I think this watch will probably go into the box with the rest of my game watches for another 10 years.. haha

here are some pictures for your enjoyment.