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Nelsonic Space Attacker Video Game Watch & Others

Nelsonic Space Attacker Video Game Watch & Others
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Here is the classic Nelsonic Space Attacker watch from the 80’s.  This has become one of the most collectible video game watches that is sought after by many collectors now especially since the failure rate of these watches is so high and the number remaining in the market have been dwindling fast.  It used to be even a couple of years ago when you went on Ebay you could buy one for between $75-100 but now it is a rare case to see one come to auction.

The last 2 that sold on Ebay have gone for over $500 each, so if you invested in buying these watches in the past you have made a good investment (see picture below of sold prices).  Even non working examples are going for well over $125 each.  How and why these are going for so much now is surprising to me but maybe either none of the collectors are selling theirs or the market for resale of these watches has basically dwindled to such a low number that people are willing to pay a premium.

As all game watch collectors know Nelsonic was one of the watch makers in the 80’s and the 90’s that basically dominated the scene.  There where others that tried to compete such as Casio and Seiko but by far into the 90’s Nelsonic pretty much owned the market with their cheaper plastic game models and the others had all but given up in this market.

The Space attacker watch came in many forms, as I have seen one in a metal case and one in a plastic case.  It was also re-branded to many other watch names and resold under names like Arton Cosmic Wars (and other similar names like Martian wars).. it was even licensed to Star Trek Wrath of Khan movie promo watch; all pretty much had the exact same module as the Nelsonic and even had the same markings from Collins Industrial.  (Basically if you have a Nelsonic that doesnt work you can swap the module with any of those brands as the Nelsonic is worth more by name brand alone)