Vintage Cortebert Turkish Rail Watches – T.C.D Demiryollari Turkish Rail

Vintage Cortebert Turkish Rail Watches – T.C.D Demiryollari Turkish Rail
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I recently in the last year purchased my first Cortebert watch from another collector (see the blue checkered dial below), until then I didnt even know or cared that Cortebert made watches.  The Cortebert that I did purchase sparked my interest as it was a beautiful watch,  I have never seen anything quite like it with the painted checkered dial and the watch itself is fair size for the time (I assume its from the 50’s or the 60’s) measuring 34mm without crown and the largest one I have was 35.6mm.  The thing that really got my interest in these watches was the association with T.C.D Demiryollari or better known as the Turkish Rail (thats literally what it translates to).

Since then I have purchased 6 more Cortebert watches (1 apparently got “lost” in the mail) and each one has its own uniqueness and dial configuration.  there seems to be a common dial but in each example I have pictured it is slightly different however all with the train stamped on the back of the case and I believe all of their rail watches had some sort of stamp on the back of the case.

I have not been able to find a lot of information on the association with the Turkish rail and Cortebert but I think they must have made the watches for them as Cortebert was big into rail pocket watches as well.

One interesting thing which I have noticed on these watches is they do not share a common movement.  only 1 of the watches is stamped with a Cortebert logo and the others have a common swiss movement such as the AS 1130,  this may have over time replaced the movement from the original.

The second interesting example of these watches is the blue and the red dial Cortebert that have a Bullet train on the dial,  I have not been able to find any information on these watches, what country or type of train they are however someone in the forums has said it was an Italian train from the 70’s.

Cortebert Points:

  • Swiss watch company started 1790
  • Made famous by its Jump-Hour movements
  • Was regarded as one of the top watch companies, movements used in such high end watches as Rolex and IWC
  • Apparently got bought out by an Italian company in the 70’s to try and revive the brand