Elgin Valjoux 92 Case Change and Repair

Elgin Valjoux 92 Case Change and Repair
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I got this Valjoux 92 from a watchmaker I was visiting, he had this watch that he had serviced but the person never came and picked it up.  This was the first Valjoux watch I would buy, It kept really good time as it was serviced and all the chronograph functions worked.  The only issue for this watch was that one of the chronograph tubes and pushers where missing.  Bot the watchmaker and I agreed that it may not be that hard to find parts for it so it let me take it for $100 cash.

So over the next 2 years I have been looking for either a compression style tube that would fit and a pusher for that case.  It actually proved impossible to fine,  I went to watch repair shops, watch parts shops and of course had custom searches on ebay to alert if anything like that came up.

Finally after 2 years of searching a case that I needed came up for auction on ebay,  I got outbid on the case multiple times (for some reason the auction ended and was won but this seller re-listed it 3 times after).  Anyhow that watch case was lost as it actually sold for a more then I though it was worth as the case was in horrible condition with case wear etc..

A little over a month later I was browsing through the goods at Chronoaddict_com he had a bunch of cases and dials for dale just purely based on his name I decided to send him a message to see if he had any Valjoux 92 cases, and what do you know.  He produced a chronograph case that matched the Elgin 100% and was in fantastic condition.  So after I got the case 2 weeks later I changed out the movement and below is the finished product.  A very Handsome watch with military/tachometer markings (see pics below, yes as you can see im addicted to Rally style bands on my watches and or Cuff link style bands).